Earthy defines its products in the following manner:


What does plant derived mean? Our definition of plant derived means that the chemicals we use in our products begin from a plant. Certain ingredients that are derived from a plant source do not necessarily end up in our product as the original plant. Plants provide us with a variety of benefits. Many of the benefits derived from plants are processed and refined by man to create by products from the plant derivatives. Plant derived means that the ingredient being used in this product may have started as a plant, but has been refined and processed into an ingredient that helps the product perform its purpose.

What does non-toxic means? For earthy non-toxic means that the product you use should not cause a reaction to you that could severely impact your health and wellness. Most of our cleaners might cause eye irritation, and possible skin irritation, depending on your personal sensitivities to cleaners and fragrances. The fragrances we use come from natural sources, and are not synthetics. But, some people may have a reaction to a fragrance, or to the chemicals used in our products. Those reactions should not be non-toxic to people that would result in serious injuries. Our belief that our products are non-toxic is based on the safety data sheets we receive from our suppliers on the ingredients we use in our products.

What constitutes biodegradability? Our definition is that all earthy products will eventually biodegrade within the environment over time. For our products to biodegrade once they enter the waste stream depends on the amount of sunlight, air, and water present once the product is used. Microbes within the environment will eventually eat our ingredients. How fast depends on the above-mentioned factors.

Grey water safe means that if you use a water catching system within your home for your laundry machine, or sinks; the combination of our product and the water left from using our product can be re-used in grey water applications. Most grey water applications include washing vehicles, flushing toilets, and watering plants.

Non-GMO? We state on our labels that we do not use genetically modified ingredients in our products. Our raw material suppliers have provided us with letters stating that the ingredients we use in our products have no been genetically modified or altered in any manner.

Is earthy product gluten free? According to our raw material suppliers, yes, none of our ingredients contain gluten.

earthy products have been certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny and registered Vegan with the Vegan Society. earthy is also a Certified B Corporation. All earthy raw materials are sourced locally, and all earthy products are manufactured locally as well.